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The Feeding Environment


Lesson Attachments

Creating a healthy and happy feeding environment is so important. Your baby will thrive with their food, and you will enjoying eating with them, when meal times are a pleasant experience. There a few things you can do to help with this:

  • Establishing a routine is going to be beneficial to both you and your baby to create a calm feeding environment.
  • Think ahead about food; a little planning goes a long way! Save some leftovers from dinner, Cook extra when making food for your baby but also have backups in the freezer for those times that you haven’t got anything on hand
  • Limit distractions at meal times – no tv, iPad or toys while eating
  • Make sure you sit with your baby or have them sit with the family and eat together where possible so you can model good eating behaviour. If you are not eating at that time, you could have some veges or snacks with bub.
  • Try to stay calm and happy throughout the meal time – even when they are throwing food on the floor!
  • Encourage them to eat but do not pressure or force them to eat.
  • If they start to lose interest in the meal or are just playing with their food, finish up the meal time. Don’t worry if they haven’t eaten much! They will have another opportunity to eat again in a few hours.

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