We frequently hold Q&A sessions over on our Instagram page – here is a collection of the questions we get asked the most.


Q: What rice cereal should I start my baby on?

A: Personally I used with Farex with my bub. It’s made in Australia, it’s cheap and easily available ( at Woolworths), it has one of the highest iron contents and also contains vitamin C to help with iron absorption ( which not all rice cereals do).

Rice cereals can be a great first food, but so can a lot of other foods like pureed fruits and vegetables so it’s not 100% necessary to have just by itself. I liked to use it in addition to other foods. For example, I would often use it as a thickener in purees or in baking to increase the iron level of other nutrient dense foods.


Q: What’s a good yogurt to give my 7 month old?

A:  Yoghurt is a great food for babies, it is naturally a great texture for them and it offers a range of nutrients including protein, carbohydrates and calcium.

I recommend a natural or full fat Greek yogurt like Chobani, Jalna, Siggi’s as well as Tamar Valley Kids pouches if you need portable yogurt.


Q: What are your thoughts on hiding vegetables?

A: Hiding vegetables can have its benefits. I’ll often hide vegetables to add nutrients to a meal and to bulk it up. An example of this is using onion, carrot and celery in bolognaise sauce. With 3 boys, my husband and I eating, it helps it to go further and chopped finely in a food processor it adds nutrients to the meal without out changing the flavour, texture and taste of the bolognaise sauce.

Although this is completely fine to do it is important to still offer vegetables with the meal so that they learn to eat and enjoy them. Even if they turn down eating the actual vegetables they will learn that vegetables are a normal and expected part of dinner.

Q: What are your thoughts on grapes for babies?

A: Grapes are a great food for babies and toddlers. Most babies and toddlers love the taste and they are a great source of vitamin C and vitamin K. Caution should always be taken as they are a choking hazard.

To lower the risk of choking make sure your child is seated and supervised when eating grapes and they are cut into small pieces for babies 6-12 months and ¼’s or ½ ‘s for kids over 1.