To provide education, resources, recipes and plans to help parents make feeding their baby, toddler and child nutritious, fun and stress free experience.

about us


Hi! I’m Nicola Jaffrey, an Accredited Practising Dietitian and mother to 3 boys (5, 3 and 6 months).

Over the last month I have been introducing solids into our youngest boy’s diet. It’s been challenging, fun and extremely messy.

Being my 3rd boy I have been much more structured, which has made meal time for the baby, and the family a stress free and an enjoyable experience.

Having a plan has helped me to know that what I’m feeding my baby is nutritious, suitable for his age and be confident that he is getting all of his dietary requirements.

I haven’t always been this confident though.

At this stage 5 years ago, being a first time mum I can remember feeling overwhelmed.

I had just started to build my confidence with milk feeds.

The baby had just settled into a routine.

How was I going to fit food in?

What do I feed my baby?

What do I need to avoid?

What even are the dietary requirements of a baby?

What should I buy – food, ingredients, baby food makers, blender?

Should I puree- Lumps or no lumps?

When will I have time to cook the food?

How do I store the food?

Where should I start?

The questions kept adding to the overwhelmed feeling.

Luckily as a dietitian, my usual day to day job is to work with people and answer their nutrition questions.

So I set out to learn all the information I could on feeding my baby.

I learnt all I could on :

  • Food safety with your baby
  • Dietary requirements of your baby
  • Different feeding approaches
  • Adapting recipes for babies and kids

Fast forward 5 years and add another 2 kids to the mix, I have expanded the learning into the challenging area that is feeding toddlers and children. I have learned:

  • Strategies for fussy eaters
  • Interactive cooking strategies
  • Nutrition requirements for children
  • Healthy meal and snack options

Having experienced first hand the challenges of feeding babies, toddlers and young children I decided to help others feel the confidence I have had starting solids with my 3rd boy.

I want to educate, provide resources, recipes and plans, taking the stress out of feeding your kids.

This has culminated in the advent of GRUB for Kids.

It will be nutritious

It will be fun

It will be messy